Player of the week
Date Pos Name Team
11/04/2007 PF Gerald Wallace Grizzlies
11/04/2007 PF Carl Landry D-Fenders
11/04/2007 SG Ray Allen Knicks
11/11/2007 SG Kobe Bryant Supersonics
11/11/2007 PF Al Horford Sixers
11/11/2007 SG Paul McPherson Thunderbirds
11/18/2007 SF Carmelo Anthony Cavaliers
11/18/2007 PG Chris Paul Turtles
11/18/2007 PF James Thomas 14ers
11/25/2007 SG Lavor Postell RimRockers
11/25/2007 SG Kobe Bryant Supersonics
11/25/2007 PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim Hornets
12/02/2007 C Yao Ming Raptors
12/02/2007 C Eddy Curry D-Fenders
12/02/2007 SG Kobe Bryant Supersonics
12/09/2007 SG Paul McPherson Thunderbirds
12/09/2007 PG Mike Bibby Lakers
12/09/2007 SF Carmelo Anthony Cavaliers
Player Of The Month
Week Pos Name Team
C Eddy Curry

SG Kobe Bryant

SG Ray Allen


Rookie Of The Month
Week Pos Name Team
November PF Jeff Green

November PF Carl Landry

November SF Kevin Durant